Technical Support


I lost Bitatek Scanner User Manual, where can I get it?

Bitatek customers may download the Scanner User Manual from our Technical Support Page -> Manuals. 

Why am I losing all the data I've saved on my PDT?

Please note that all informations including software, applicaitons, and documents that were previously saved or installed to the area other than "DiskOnChip" folder will be erased and removed if the user performs a "Cold Reset".


All data or applications need to be saved on "DiskOnChip" folder to secure permanent data storage.


How do I update the firmware of IT8000 ?

IT-8000 OS Update Procedure


Step1:Download the latest version firmware and save it to Micro SD card (The SD card should not be larger than 2GB), and change the OS file name to”Image.nb0”. Please insert Micro SD Card into IT-8000 SD slot and connect with AC adaptor.

Step2:Press “Power key”、”ESC key” and “ENT key” at the same time to conduct Cold Reset on IT8000.

Step3:Press and hold F2 & F3 key until the update screen appear.

Please contact with our Technical Support Center from the Inquiry Page to obtain the latest firmware and a more detailed instruction manual.



How do I backup my files and applications using Backup Manager

The Backup Manager has been preinstalled on the terminal before it was delivered to the end users.  Backup Manager allows you to restore a device to an operational state following a disaster and to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted.


1. You can find "Backup Manager" from Start menu-> Programs -> Backup Manager.


2. In simple mode to perform complete system backup.


3. Tap "Backup" button to initate backup procedures.  All files will be saved to a folder called "DiskOnChip".


4. After device performs soft reset backup process is initiated.  All information is displayed during
backup process. When the process finishes view complete backup log.


5. The following files will be saved in the DiskOnChip folder as the result of executing the process. You will need to copy them in designed folder to your computer to be able to use them later, when you need to
restore your data.


iBackup.bkp - key backup file that you need to keep for restore when needed, contains your data
iBackup.bkp.exe - key backup file that you need to keep for restore when needed, executes the restores process
iBackup.bkp.log - to inform you sufficiently about the progress of backup process. You do not need to transfer it to your PC for later restore.


6. When you tap on the Restore option at the bottom of the advanced mode screen, all
files for restore will be found.


7. Tick items you wish to restore and tap “Restore”. Backup Manager will restore chosen data (Restore in progress) and after that your device will be restarted. 



How do I perform "Cold Reset" or "Warm Reset" on IT-8000?

Cold Reset allows users to delete all documents as well as customized applications that were not saved in the DiskOnChip folder.


Cold Reset

1. Press and hold "ESC" + "ENT" + "Power" key at the same time to perform a "Cold Reset".

2. All settings will be reset to factory defalut and all files that were saved outside of "DiskOnChip folder" will be erased and removed.

Warm Reset

1. Press and hold  both "ESC" + "Power" key at the same time to perform a "Warm Reset".

2. All currently running applications will be closed, but no files or documents will be removed.

What should I do if the system or keyboard stops responding?
This could be caused by the software you have installed on the terminal. Sometimes the issue can be solved by rebooting the terminal or reinstalling the latest firmware.

If the problems still remain, please contact with our Technical Support Center from the Inquire Page.
How do I know what the current firmware version on my device is?

For IT8000 & IT9000 (REVO):

You may find out the current firmware version of your device from Menu -> Control Panel -> "Information" icon.


For Handheld Scanner:

Please scan the barcode labels provided in the User Manual to find out the current firmware version on your scanner