BitaTek products have long been well known for healthcare applications. Application sites like hospital, nursing home, maternity home, and pharmacy are looking for products which are reliable, user-friendly, and easy to clean.


Patient Registration

Most commonly seen product needed at registration desk is barcode scanner. Patient background information can be retrieved via reading the barcode of patient ID card or receipt patient presented to the registration desk.


BitaTek GS-100 ( for 1D barcode scanning ) or GS-200 ( for 1D/2D barcode scanning ) are commonly used in application sites like this. With USB interface, easy plug-n-play gives extra convenience to the staff working at the registration desk. PS-800ZR is another alternative fit this application but PS-800ZR supports only 1D barcode reading.


Bluetooth pocket size barcode scanner is a new trend emerging due to the extra freedom provided by Bluetooth ( so there is no cable attached with limited length ). In scenario like this, the computer system used by the registration desk will need to be equipped with Bluetooth host feature to receive the data sent from the Bluetooth scanner. BitaTek Cyclops 1 ( for 1D barcode scanning ) and Cyclops 2 ( for 1D/2D barcode scanning ) are perfect choice in hospital or clinic registration desk for their clean white color system and special coating on the surface which survives scratches and alcohol/detergent cleaning.



Stock Room and Drug Store Check-In/Out

In healthcare industry, materials in stock room are under serious control because of the sensitivity of many specialized drugs and important sterilized parts ( used in implant ). A lot like registration desk, products recommended above can all be good choice for stock room check-in/out purpose. Similar like retail stores, drug store check-out applications can use products recommended above as well.


One more product from BitaTek can be one good option for stock room and drug store check-out application, Cyclops 2f ( 2D fixed position presentation imager ). It can automatically be ON when the object with barcode label presented and, if idling for certain time, it will be OFF automatically. So, staff or clerk can have both hands free to arrange items to be scanned.



Bed-Side Drug Dispensing Verification

It is one of the most challenging routines in the hospital: bed-side drug dispensing. With patients either sleeping or unconscious, nursing staffs need to make sure related drugs are given correctly ( either as tablets or capsules for oral intake or been added straight into IV for injection ) to avoid tragic disaster possibly be incurred.


With wrist band worn on in-patient, barcode on the wrist band is an important ID for nursing staff to check against the drug pack to be dispensed to the patient. A mobile computer with in-patient and prescriptions data loaded will be the key equipment used in this application. Nursing staff will scan the patient’s wrist band barcode to identify the patient first. Then, the barcode on the drug pack to be dispensed to this specific patient will be scanned to verify if the history information shown under the patient ID ( prescriptions, dosage, ---etc ) matching the data shown under the drug pack scanned. If both data are verified against each other, the mobile computer will prompt the nursing staff to release the drug pack accordingly. Otherwise, a warning sign will be given to alert the nursing staff to confirm again with related doctors or supervisors.


Frey Glider from BitaTek fits perfectly for this mission because it is a smart phone like mobile computer with excellent 2D CMOS imager built-in to scan all 1D and 2D barcodes. Rich memory capacity implemented can hold complete patient history file and related operation applications. The size of Frey Glider fits nicely in the pocket of the uniform worn by both nursing staffs and physicians. It can be the best helping hand for the doctors when they visit the wards and there will be no need for them to carry thick paper copies of history chart of patients the physician in charge. Related information can be recalled anytime the wrist band barcode been scanned. Also, with proper authorization algorithm, patient’s record file can be updated right on the spot when the physician notices anything important and needs to be added in immediately.



Bed-Side Nursing Cart

It is a trend now ( in many hospitals ) that several nursing carts been prepared for every floor of in-patient wards. The following equipments have been pre-installed on each nursing cart:
- A laptop or tablet PC with Bluetooth and WiFi connections ready
- A thermal printer linked with the laptop or tablet PC ( via Bluetooth or physical cable, serial, USB, or parallel port )
- A barcode scanner linked with the laptop or tablet PC ( via Bluetooth or physical cable, mainly USB port )
- An UPS fully charged ready for action to supply power needed by the above listed equipments ( AC power cord can be linked between the wall outlet and the UPS system for charging purpose )
- Some emergency aids ( medications, injection syringes, basic hand tools like scissors, ---etc ) are placed in the drawers to be used in urgent situation


With the growing applications of Bluetooth for short-distance data transfer, the new set up on a nursing cart has been changed into:
- A mobile computer with barcode scanning engine implemented
- Charging cradle for the mobile computer
- A Bluetooth mobile thermal printer
- An UPS system to supply power to all the equipments listed above


In certain area, alternatives are prepared:
- A Bluetooth barcode imager and a tablet PC are taking the place of the mobile computer.


In this application, Frey Glider is the best possible choice if a mobile computer is preferred in that hospital. If the hospital medical team prefers a Bluetooth barcode imager and a tablet PC, Cyclops 1 or Cyclops 2 can be the perfect choice for nursing team and doctors due to the slim size, light weight, and friendly connection procedures with the tablet PC on the nursing cart.