BitaTek products have been widely used in various retail applications worldwide. Two key factors intensively required are: user-friendly and reliable.


Checkout Counter Scanning

One of the major, intensive application spots in retail industry is the checkout counter. Scanning all merchandise barcodes fast and accurately are major concerns for retail business owners to avoid long waiting line at the counter side. For checkout clerks, they care more about if the scanners are easy to use, covering wide reading range and barcode resolutions, can reading all “real-world barcodes” ( barcodes printed with tolerance or with damages or stains on the label ), and if the scanners are reliable enough so “down-time” can be minimized.


PS800ZR 1D linear imager and GS200 2D imager are two major products from BitaTek widely used in checkout counters at retail applications. Friendly yet ergonomic design make them highly acclaimed by our customers worldwide.


Another product to be recommended here for this application is Cyclops 2f, fixed position 2D presentation imager. It can be used in retail checkout sites and it can be well suited for places like library checkout counter, too. Elegant and stylish appearance fits great in serious environment like library. Busy spots like duty-free shops needs Cyclops 2f, too, because it can be used for passport reading for tax exemption/registration purpose.



 Boutique Shop & Shop Floor Service

There are retail applications require quality set up and environment. Services on the shop floor need to be personal, real time, and elegant. Examples are boutique shops and luxury stores.


Overall atmosphere in places like these should be elegant yet technology oriented. Instead of going over printed catalogue one page after another, if the customer is asking for something not displayed on the shelf, the floor agent usually will use a tablet ( carried around in hand yet fancy looking ) to search that specific item right in front of the customer and check the stock to see if it is right in the inventory and if the stock is right with the specific color the customer asking for ). Also, in fancy store like that, usually, there is no price tag attached to the merchandise on display. If customer is asking about the list price, the floor agent can use a nice looking Bluetooth imager to scan the barcode tag of the merchandise. Then, on the tablet, the price and overall information ( picture, colors available, sizes available, quantity on stock, ---etc ) will be shown on the tablet screen. These arrangements will further enhance the shopping atmosphere quality and create extra value to the stores instantly.


Cyclops 1 and Cyclops 2 from BitaTek have long been used in quality retail environments like these. With elegant appearance and glamour surface treatment ( shinning like piano surface with special coating to stand scratch, stain, and chemical, alcohol, or detergent ).



Receiving and Inventory Check

In retail field, major incoming data are coming from receiving dock where cartons and boxes of merchandises are received several times daily. How to log in those incoming goods accurately and quickly can help shortening the idling time of goods between arrival and on-the shelf. Meanwhile, accurate item number together with accurate quantity data ensure the correct amount to be entered into the system database. Mobile computers are the equipment relied on the most in receiving and inventory site. Not only scanning the merchandise label barcodes, mobile computer also stores the scanned barcode data in the memory, then transfer the data via wireless ( Bluetooth or WiFi, depending on the distance between the mobile computer and the closest receiving station ) feature. Meanwhile, on board computing power also updates the inventory or stock data based on the total quantity received ( or checked in ) of the merchandise. Scanning feature, computing power, memory capacity ( these will determine how big is the database which can be stored and updated on board ), and reliability ( in mobile applications, accidental drop or impact can be incurred several times in one busy working day ) are key points for users and business owners to consider which mobile computer they prefer to use.


Frey Master and Frey Glider are two major mobile computers from BitaTek used in retail applications. Key advantages of both of these products are high performance platform ( then, high computing power ), rich on board memory, rich wireless communication features ( Bluetooth, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, fast roaming, 4G LTE ), plus Quick Charge supported for fast recharge to minimize down-time waiting for recharging the battery. Another key advantage of Frey Master is the physical keypad on it. This numeric keypad is specially friendly for busy warehouse inventory checks where frequent quantity data entry is required and on-screen virtual keypad usually gives touch-screen damage concerns.





How to eliminate long queue in retail stores or hyper market has been one of the major tasks of the store manager. Mobile computer has been assigned to help on this task based on the advantages below:
- On board, updated store merchandise database ( together with updated unit prices );
- On board process routines ( total amount calculation, updated discount protocol, customer loyalty card membership record, plus coupon presented recognition and discount applied );
- Wireless features ( Bluetooth to print a total item list and amount purchased via a mobile printer nearby, or WiFi to send all the data and information to the system so the checkout counter can skip all the scanning procedures );
- Barcode scanning;
- Mobility ( the store manager or supervisor can move to the end of the longest line to start the queue-busting work ).


Frey Glider from BitaTek is the one used mostly on this mission because of the slim form factor and all the advantages required as listed above.